What Your Regional Field Coordinator Can Do For You

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Regional Field Coordinators (RFCs) offer many FREE benefits and services to student activists and groups recognized by the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program:

  1. Understanding: We were in your shoes not very long ago. All of us RFCs recently graduated from college and were active on campus as students. We know exactly what it's like to be frustrated with bias and abuse on campus. But we also know what it takes to fight back successfully!
  2. Expert Guidance: Well-run political campaigns have savvy consultants. Shouldn't your student group have one too? Each RFC is an expert in political organization and activism, especially at the campus level. Drawing on our experiences in college and our own training through the Leadership Institute, we provide FREE expert guidance to help you navigate the stormy seas of campus politics and win.
  3. Organizing & Activism Ideas: Unsure of what to do next? Your RFC can analyze the current status of your group and give you ideas for what to do next with respect to organization building or activism. We have seen virtually everything and know what works and what doesn't. You will never be at a loss for ideas with your RFC as a resource.
  4. Training: Your RFC can give you and your student group customized formal training on a variety of topics like recruiting, fundraising, activism, and motivating your members.

    There are also three standard trainings in particular that we offer:
    1. Youth Leadership School: how to run a youth campaign and organize students politically in general
    2. Student Publications Workshop: how to start and run a student publication (comes with money grant for first printing or web domain)
    3. Campus Election Workshop: how to win student government elections
  5. Fundraising Assistance: "You can't save the world if you can't pay the rent." To be a successful student group, you're going to need funding. Some universities may offer funds. Even so, it is important to organize your own independent fundraising operations. Your RFC can help your craft an effective fundraising strategy. We can help you draft an effective direct mail fundraising letter, identify potential donors, and provide other assistance for top groups.

    The Leadership Institute also has a variety of grants for activism, speakers, and publications (online and print).
  6. Media/Public Relations Assistance: "If the media didn't cover it, it didn't happen." To be a successful group, you need a good PR operation. You have to develop a good message and get it out to your target audience and beyond. Your RFC can help you develop your message, write a press release, and distribute it to all the major media outlets in your locality (and state).

    Additionally, in certain cases, CampusReform.org staff will live video stream your speaker events to help your message reach a wider audience.
  7. In-Person Training and Assistance: In certain cases, your RFC will travel to your campus to personally train your group and assist you in recruiting other students and executing activism events or other projects.
  8. Advocate to Legal Foundations: Your RFC has a direct line to legal foundations that can back you up and defend your rights when a university violates your rights. Understand your rights on campus and don't be afraid to take advantage of legal threats and action.
  9. Networking Opportunities: Your RFC can connect you with similar student groups and like-minded students in your state and nearby states. Your RFC can also connect you with like-minded state and national organizations.
  10. Resource Materials: There are tons of resource materials on CampusReform.org. Your RFC can draw your attention to the specific materials you need and can send you supplementary materials. Your RFC can also mail you a recruitment kit with books, pamphlets, and other useful items.
  11. Other Opportunities: CampusReform.org and other conservative organizations offer many special opportunities throughout the year: scholarships, CPAC lodging deals, special nationwide initiatives, student activism awards, essay scholarships, internship opportunities, employment placement service, etc.

What you can do to help your RFC help you:

  1. Communicate regularly with your RFCs! It's hard for us to help you if we don't know what is happening with you, your group, and your campus.
  2. Report incidents of abuse and bias. We will evaluate the report and help you respond.

Regional Field Coordinators are at your service. Just shoot us a message or give us a call. Together we can take back American campuses!


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