Imagination Rules the World: Take Good Pics and Video!

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One of the greatest military commanders in the world, Napoleon Bonaparte, once said, "Imagination rules the world."


People live and die by the images they hold dear, the images that form the foundation of their worldview and life purpose. No amount of words or sound logic can compete with the power of a well-taken photo or video clip.

Politics and culture are shaped and defined by iconic images and video clips. Unfortunately, the left dominates many of our most enduring political and cultural images and the narratives built around them. The visual artist is one of the most powerful political and cultural actors in society.

As conservative student leaders, you will win political communication battles on campus if you capture images and video that clearly illustrate the truth, i.e. conservative and liberal values as they really are and as their consequences really play out on campus and beyond.

Photos and videos that tell a story will win over more people than rattling off statistics or a complicated argument.

We live in a visual society. Our generation would rather watch a 2 minute YouTube video than read even 200 words of text. Even our parents' generation grew up on TV. Visual communication is the dominant medium. So use it and win!

Political technology determines political success. Visual communication technology, i.e. photo and video cameras and editing software, are crucial to capturing the imagination of fellow students, parents, local community members, alumni, and donors of your college. With the right photos and video, you can motivate a conservative coalition to take action.

Some people won't believe certain things about politics unless they first see it. Moreover, some people won't be motivated to act politically or be dedicated to a political cause unless they can see and then understand the harm the left has been inflicting on people for quite awhile.

Furthermore, the media knows that having good pictures and video increases the number of their readers and viewers. So you are more likely to get media coverage for your activism if you can provide them with good visuals. Always take your own pictures and video though; never trust the media to correctly shape the political and moral imagination of the public in your favor.

Lastly, you're going to need good photos and video to promote your group to potential supporters and donors. Your promotional materials, fundraising letters, email newsletters, Facebook page, and website need to be visually attractive.

Here are a few quick tips on taking good photos (the same tips can be adapted to capturing good video):


  1. Take candid, action-oriented shots. Posed shots are boring and don't tell an interesting story.
  2. Frame the shots so that the photo has a very prominent feature or subject that takes up at least a third of the entire photo. These kinds of photos are more visually appealing than those filled with mostly uninteresting background. Don't be afraid to get close up to your subject, if your zoom is limited.
  3. Be aware of lighting and adjust if possible to get a picture that shows distinct features, appealing colors, and no glare.
  4. Take a lot of pictures. Take more than you'll need throughout the event and from a variety of angles. You want to get the best picture possible for the media and your own public relations.
  5. Learn from the professionals. Observe how photos look in newspapers, magazines, and other news sources and imitate them!


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