Don't Be Afraid to Confront the Left with Activism

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As a Regional Field Coordinator, I get to interact with a lot of conservative students, including the leaders of conservative groups on college campuses. One problem that pops up is conservative students who are unwilling to confront leftist bias and abuse by publicly exposing and combatting it. Some conservative students refuse to speak out to fight the left and stand up for their conservative values.

Some are afraid of how their fellow students, professors, administrators, and even parents will react and respond. They are afraid of retaliation and ostracism. They are more afraid of giving offense than the devastating consequences of leftist policies. They are not willing to sacrifice their own personal comfort, time, energy, resources, and/or reputation as a "nice" person.

Where is the courage? Bold but prudent activism is a must! So much is at stake.

You should never be afraid of university administrators punishing you for doing controversial and confrontational activism which opposes the left.  Legal organizations like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) exist to protect the free speech rights of students and challenge biased university policies. Also, will help you draft and distribute a press release to every media outlet in your area if your school tries to sanction or suppress you. Your school will lose in the court of law and court of public opinion.

Afraid of grade retaliation from your professors? Document their bias and abuse and wait until the end of the semester to expose it publicly.

Other conservative students don't understand the principles of the political left and right and how they have played out in American and world history. Their commitment to the cause is so weak because they have no idea how important conservative principles are and how far we've fallen from them historically. Thus they have no dedication or sense of urgency.

And those who are well-versed in the principles are typically ignorant of how to win, how the left has steadily made cultural and policy gains over time. Thus they devote their own time and efforts to ineffective endeavors like trying to compete with leftist professors and administrators by forming their own organizations of mass education rather than actively and effectively confronting the leftist establishment on campus and demanding an end to leftist bias and abuses.

You will never be able to out-educate your university.

Activism is necessary to get people's attention (especially through the media), confront leftist bias and abuse, and initiate real change. Your primary job as a conservative student group is not to educate everyone on campus but to confront the institutionalized left on your campus and demand balance and fairness. University personnel, policy, and funding allocation are politically stacked against conservatives. American culture and public policy will never become more conservative until the leftist academic elite are opposed and counterbalanced. In a fair fight, we win.

Knowledge and courage are related: if you don't know what conservative principles are and why they are important, then you are less likely to have the courage to defend them and oppose the threats to those principles.

Learn the history of conservatism and the left. That is how you gain a sense of urgency and dedication.

Do bold, courageous, and smart activism that challenges the status quo on your campus. That is how you win.

For activism ideas or help with organizing events, contact your Regional Field Coordinator.


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