Survey: Most College Freshmen are "Moderate"

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A recent survey found that most college students - 46.4% in fact - consider themselves "moderates" when it comes to politics.

Only 27.3% considered themselves "liberal" while 21.7% considered themselves "conservative".   

This is seemingly good news for conservatives who have historically seen themselves as a small minority in the "sea" of liberalism that is higher education.  The survey, which polled students at 279 colleges and universities, indicates a real change in the political culture of young people.  Could the days of leftist bias on America's college campuses finally be over?

Not so much.

A closer look at the survey's results for issue-based questions tells a different story.  Over half of all freshmen support affirmative action programs for college admissions.  Nearly two-thirds support a national universal health care plan.  Higher taxation on the "wealthy" was popular among 64% of those polled while over three-fourths supported the legal right of gays and lesbians to adopt children.  An astounding 78.2% thought the federal government should do more to protect the environment.

One would expect any political survey of students to lean toward the Left.  However, the amount of "moderates" who clearly support a liberal agenda raises some questions.

The statistics above can only mean one of two things. Either 1) the definition of "moderate" has shifted signigicantly to the left or 2) many students don't know what they really believe.  

Much of the blame can be placed on the far-left bias among university faculty and administrators.  Most institutions of higher education promote a liberal agenda in the classroom and through university programs.  This bias is more than evident in Campus Reform's reviews of the nation's top 100 schools.

College freshmen are immersed in an environment where "liberal" is the new "moderate".  Leftist policies have become common-place and conservatism has become "radical" and "intolerant".

However, those "moderates" that have been swayed by the far-left indoctrination of their college courses can still be reached.  Conservatives need to stand up for their values and present an alternative to liberalism on campus. 

Do you want to actively promote conservative principles at your school?  Learn more about youth activism here and contact your Regional Field Coordinator


Chelli Miller
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@campusreform What is your main area/topic of focus?

Jason #WR
@JasonJjw8 - 1 hour ago

@campusreform @CRNC Another totalitarian leftist incapable of any critical thinking.Left good,Right bad. How pathetic and boring.

Melissa M
@YankeDoodleMome - 2 hours ago

@CalebBonham @campusreform @ffweekend Colleges get urselves together I have a HS'r 4.0 future STEM Major. I'm not paying for this nonsense

Melissa M
@YankeDoodleMome - 2 hours ago

@FoxNewsInsider @campusreform @ffweekend @CalebBonham WTH is wrong w/Univs n profs? Don't they no that parents will start saying no to kid?
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