Exposing outrageous liberal abuses: The key to winning and getting national media coverage.

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By Justin Pulliam and Morton Blackwell

Merely "raising awareness" for an issue is not effective activism.

Your activism should have a concrete goal: change an unconstitutional university policy, strip funding from liberal departments and programs, pass conservative legislation, fire an abusive liberal professor, or help get a conservative elected.  These are just a few examples of tangible goals for your activism.

Once you set your goal, use activism to reach that goal and win.

You should target the most outrageous liberal abuses on your campus.  Expose and, if you can, correct them with your activism.  This will be the most effective use of your time and do the most good for the conservative movement.

At Texas A&M University, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) Center received over $100,000 a year through mandatory student fees and state taxes.  The GLBT Center used student and taxpayer money to push a liberal worldview about sexuality - and a variety of other issues such as immigration, socialism, abortion, and race.

No similar conservative center or group on campus received state money or student fees to promote the conservative worldview on these issues.

When Texas Aggie Conservatives' officer Marc Pitts went to the Texas A&M GLBT "Safe & Fun Sex Seminar" armed with a video camera and an audio recorder, he knew he was about to score a win for the conservative movement.{C}

The seminar included pornographic videos, student demonstrations with sex toys, and extremely graphic pictures. 

After using a public information request to confirm that student fees and tax dollars funded the event, the Texas Aggie Conservatives released a video of parts of the seminar.  Meanwhile, conservative students in the Texas A&M Student Senate introduced a bill to start a Family Values Center on campus, funded by half of the existing GLBT Center budget.

With the help of CampusReform.org, the students released a press release about the sex seminar and the funding inequality at Texas A&M University.

The Texas Aggie Conservatives earned media coverage of their efforts, including national media outlets and nearly every major television station in Texas.  The students' message came through the media reports clearly:  Pornographic seminars are an inappropriate use of public funds, and it's unjust for the university to fund and promote only the liberal worldview on campus.

The Texas Aggie Conservatives' success did not include only media coverage. 

Because of the Aggie Conservatives' campus activism, the GLBT funding issue became a top legislative priority at the end of the Texas legislature's spring 2011 session.  A measure requiring equal funding for campus GLBT Centers and Family Values Centers passed the Texas House.

Additionally, the conservative students brought the issue of student fee funding inequality to conservative legal organizations.

The conservative movement at Texas A&M progressed on this issue on three fronts: media, legislative, and legal.

The students' success even prompted the Texas Trangendered Conference to relocate from Texas A&M to the University of Houston.

Find outrageous liberal events on your campus and expose the events with video activism.

Your campus also hosts outrageous programs like the one Marc Pitts exposed with campus activism.

You should research university calendars, university websites, fliers placed on campus, and organization email announcements for upcoming leftist events.

Be sure to keep an eye on departments that commonly use public or student money to push a liberal worldview.  This might include the following:

  • Office of Diversity
  • President's Office
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Centers
  • Multicultural Center
  • Student Affairs and Student Activities
  • Africana Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Liberal student organizations

Find out if you university funds liberal events.  If you attend a public school, use public information requests to uncover event budgets and funding sources.

Use legal threats to confront funding inequality on campus.

Attend liberal events with an audio recorder and video camera.  IPhones work great for this purpose.

Contact the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program for help developing media and activism strategies to expose outrageous liberal events on campus.

If you expose outrageous liberal events on your campus with activism, you will gain media coverage and tangible successes for the conservative movement.


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