Student activists protest ObamaCare at Supreme Court

Oliver Darcy
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Student activists from around the country gathered in front of the Supreme Court on Thursday to protest ObamaCare, formally known as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

The young conservative activists made it clear they opposed government interference in health care and specifically targeted the bill’s individual mandate.

“The federal government does not have the power to mandate that I purchase a specific product, like health insurance,” said Marjorie Jeffrey, a graduate student at Baylor University. “It certainly can’t force me to pay for someone else’s health care.”

Other students opposed the narrowly upheld law for other reasons.

“I don’t support Obamacare because I don’t support legislation that kills jobs,” said Christine Rouselle, who is a senior at Providence College.



Oliver Darcy

Oliver Darcy


Oliver Darcy is the Editor of Digital Media at the Leadership Institute’s, where he is tasked with reporting on waste, fraud, and abuse taking place on our nation's college campuses. Additionally, he is responsible for editing the website’s video content and graphic design.

Prior to joining the Leadership Institute, Oliver founded, a video driven website dedicated to exposing the inherent failures found at the core of liberal philosophies.

Oliver holds his bachelors of arts degree in political science, with an emphasis in both International Relations and American Politics, from the University of California at Merced.

On his spare time, he enjoys running and hiking, in addition to watching the Star Wars saga and episodes of House.

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Bossy Aphotic Solace
@AphoticSolace - 41 min ago

Wut “@campusreform Students pay for controversial Title IX sex questionnaire: by @K_Schallhorn

@DyanBermeo - 58 min ago

@campusreform I think anyone going to college is getting scammed technology is outgrowing the college matrix system.

@DanielMount - 2 hours ago

@campusreform @MaggieLitCRO Tell all of your friends to vote Republican 2 get rid of Harry Reid & Obama's treason & Tyranny on 11/04/14

@DanielMount - 2 hours ago

@campusreform @LaurenLouClark Tell all your friends to vote Republican to get rid of Harry Reid & Obama's treason & Tyranny.

@vlr254 - 2 hours ago

Tin Foil Hat wearing Prof. says #globalwarming to blame for ISIS via @campusreform
@campusreform - 2 hours ago

Students pay for controversial Title IX sex questionnaire: by @K_Schallhorn

Brian Evans
@BrianEv62314248 - 2 hours ago

@MaggieLitCRO @campusreform considering back in 1933 the drought was blamed on YoYos now the YoYos are saying the drought has caused ISIS

Mr. McStuckerson ?
@ImPoliticalWill - 2 hours ago

Oh brother. ?? RT @MaggieLitCRO: Prof Says Global Warming to Blame for ISIS via @campusreform

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