Stanford professor to stump for President Obama’s Campaign

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A Stanford University law professor will stump for President Obama in Washington on Wednesday at a forum that will focus on our nation’s energy policies. Professor Dan Reicher

Professor Dan Reicher, a former member of President Obama’s transition team, will officially represent the Obama campaign in a debate tackling topics including the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and nuclear energy.

The forum, which is being hosted by the Business Roundtable, will feature one official surrogate from both the Obama and Romney campaigns.

Romney has tapped Linda Stuntz, a founding partner of the law firm Suntz, Davis & Staffier and environmental expert, to represent his campaign at the event.

According to a release issued by the Business Roundtable, both “debaters have extensive, impressive experience in energy policy, both inside and outside the federal government.”

Stanford University was not available for comment at the time of this publication.

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Campus Reform
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Duke students remain committed to fight against political correctness via @campusreform #Libusters

Maria C. Santana
@Santana7300 - 1 hour ago

@campusreform How RACIST to demand the most accomplished if of a given race be limited/excluded! So sick of Social Justice morons.

@ludditeblogger - 1 hour ago

@frankonfranky @campusreform is that why there are more Palestinians than ever? Israel must be really bad at genocide.

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@campusreform @instapundit Thus proving that racism no longer exists as a force in this country, instead the culture either helps or hinders

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.@dartmouth #Greek orgs to be fined for displaying ‘insensitive’ Indian head: