Federal complaint: College instructor demanded students masturbate, reveal sex-fantasies

Oliver Darcy
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A college instructor in Nevada allegedly required students to masturbate and publicly reveal personal sex-fantasies in order to pass a “human-sexuality” class, reads a federal complaint filed in U.S. District Court late last month.

Former Western Nevada College student and aspiring social worker, Karen Royce, filed the complaint against college administrators and instructor Tom Kubistant saying freshman and late-high school students were ordered to “openly discuss their orgasms” and masturbate.Instructor Kubistant

Kubistant  “locked the classroom door” and played a “90-minute movie… depicting females engaging in sex and having an orgasm,” states Royce’s complaint.

The complaint also alleges that Kubistant demanded female students turn in journal entries “disclosing their personal sexual thoughts” and that they “masturbate a minimum of three times” per week.

After becoming “agitated” dealing with Royce’s objection, Kubistant “announced to the entire class they must masturbate if they intended to pass the class,” reads the complaint.

The complaint adds that Kubistant assigned a final term paper entitled “A Sexual Case Study… You!” The paper was described as “confidential,” but would be turned in to Kubistant and never returned to the student.

As part of this assignment, students were required to detail how they lost their virginity, any sexual abuse they have experienced, how they become sexually aroused, their masturbation habits, and their promiscuity behaviors, among other things.

If they didn’t discuss each of these topics in their papers, Kubistant would deduct points, alleges Royce.

Royce, who had experienced sexual abuse in the past, said she “felt pure terror” when she received this assignment.

She states she brought her concerns directly to Kubistant who refused to dismiss her from writing the paper. According to Royce, he said the project would “be cathartic” and she would need to complete it.

Royce then contacted the school’s legal department who told her that Kubistant had the “upmost freedom in teaching and in ‘research.’”

The school’s legal department also pointed to a waiver she had signed at the beginning of the class that outlined the class may contain “language” that would make students feel uncomfortable.

The waiver, however, never mentioned that students would be required to disclose personal sexual thoughts, stories, and/or masturbate to pass the course.

On June 25, 2012, Royce filed the complaint in federal court against both Instructor Kubistant and Western Nevada College, claiming the class assignments were invasive and amounted to sexual harassment.

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Oliver Darcy

Oliver Darcy


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