UW prof: Welfare state should 'exert control over free market'

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A sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison exclusively assigned students a textbook he authored in which he envisions a “racially just society” in which “the welfare state would rise up to exert control over the free market.”

In his course, American Racial and Ethnic Minorities,  Prof. Mustafa Emirbayer assigned, as the sole reading, his book, Racial Domination, Racial Progress, which is available for $68.31 on Amazon.

“The American welfare state – perhaps the skinniest in the developed world – could be fattened up,” he wrote in the book, co-authored with Matthew Desmond.  "[T]he skimpy American welfare state – in large part responsible for the millions of citizens living hand-to-mouth today – would expand by generous proportions."

“[T]he Welfare state would rise up to exert control over the free market, making sure to protect vulnerable citizens from its erratic whims,” he continued in the book which is currently ranked #124,659 in sales on Amazon.com.

In the syllabus for another course, Intermediate Sociological Theory, Emirbayer explains that according to “Emirbayer Rules” students in his courses are forbidden from referring to any outside authors and texts.

“When you speak in class, please refer exclusively to authors and texts we happen to be reading that day (or read earlier in the semester),” he says.

Several student - contributors to the popular site RateMyProfessor.com have leveled complaints against Emirbayer characterizing him as “biased.”

“He states his opinion and is very biased during class,” reads one post.

“His book makes some interesting points, but it’s very biased,” reads another.

The University of Wisconsin and Emirbayer did not comment despite multiple requests from CampusReform.org.

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Felix Goodfellow
@russfelix - 20 min ago

@campusreform the first reform should be to do away with tenure.

Rodney Udell
@RodneyUdell - 34 min ago

@campusreform @Mizzou That's not excusable, Expel all involved

@DCGere - 2 hours ago

This is just outrageous: Purdue staff member calls pro-life students ‘vile, racist idiots’ https://t.co/ZkQfXZ7FvY via @campusreform

Jim S.
@BurghFan99 - 2 hours ago

@campusreform @antonia_okafor Don't worry, kids. There's almost nothing conservative about Karl Rove.

Caera Thornton ?
@kiki_thor - 3 hours ago

@campusreform @AGockowski You keep using that word (racist). I do not think it means what you think it means.

@JOETWIT5ST - 4 hours ago

@KarinAgness @campusreform Who the FU#K told them it was their campus?