UCLA establishes nation’s first university exclusively for illegal aliens

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Professors from the the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) have launched an online university exclusively for the use of illegal aliens.

The school, dubbed “National Dream University (NDU),” will feature a faculty of illegal immigrants and will cater to students who qualify for an education under California’s DREAM Act.

“This is the first national program specifically geared toward DREAM Act students,” Kent Wong, director of UCLA’s Labor College, told LA Weekly on Wednesday. “It’s not easy for DREAM Act students to attend college.”

Wong went on to enumerate the difficulties illegals face in obtaining a state-sponsored education.

“There are particular experiences and challenges they face as undocumented that other students don't face,” he continued. “[M]any have to take off quarters to work. Many have to work in the underground economy to save money to go to school. Many have to commute two, three hours to go to UCLA.”

NDU was organized by UCLA’s Center for Labor Research, in partnership with the National Labor College. Courses taken at NDU will be transferable for credit at UCLA.

LA weekly reports classes will cost $65 a unit.

Some UCLA students, however, have expressed opposition to the program.

“Our first priority in regards to resources from the school should go to students here legally,” said Katie Mellon, Vice Chair of the UCLA College Republicans. “I don’t think we should allocate our limited resources to individuals who are here illegally.”

According to the Huffington Post, NDU will initially accept 35 students, but hopes to eventually expand and offer bachelor’s degrees.

A spokesperson for UCLA was not made available for comment by time of publication despite multiple requests from Campus Reform.

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