University suspends Chick-fil-A from campus

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A liberal arts college in North Carolina has become the first in the nation to prevent Chick-fil-A from being served at campus events over the restaurant's indirect support of pro-family groups perceived by some as “anti-gay.”

The student organization that controls student funds at Davidson College made the decision last week to prevent the sandwiches from being served at a series of events called “After Midnight,” when students circulated a petition expressing outrage over a Chick-fil-A’s owner’s monetary donations to groups including Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.

Davidson College in North Carolina has become the first university in the nation to prevent Chick-fil-A from being served on campus.

“Until a final decision is made, alternative options will be served at After Midnight and other Union Board events” announced a letter sent from Adriana Nassar, who is the president of the Union Board on August 2nd. “[A] final decision [to ban Chick-fil-A] is being put off until we can have face to face conversations and gather more student input.”

The Union Board plans to meet when school is back in session to determine whether or not to impose a permanent ban on the fast-food restaurant.

The petition that was circulated by students early this month suggested that if the University were to continue to pay for Chick-fil-A sandwiches they would be guilty of telling “our gay friends that we care more about eating chicken than their right to get married.”

Students say that Chick-fil-A had long been the most popular food served at the well-attended “After Midnight” events on Davidson College’s campus.

Bill Giduz, a spokesperson for Davidson College, told Campus Reform that although a formal decision has not  yet been made there could be a firm decision in coming weeks

“Well, you know the union board may have informally decided that. They may have talked among themselves and said until they have a chance to talk about it, let’s not serve Chick-fil-A. That may be the case,” said Giduz. “But, as far as I know, they have not made any formal statement.”

A spokesperson for Chick-fil-A could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.



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