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Fresno State Public Health Professor, Peggy Gish, played a pornographic, full-length film for her class on Tuesday. The adult film was called "Advanced Sexual Techniques, Volume One" and contained both sexually explicit audio and graphic video.

Campus Reform learned about the incident after a student, who does not wish to be identified, came forward.

According to an online synopsis the movie follows "12 couples of varying backgrounds and ethnicity" who "explore sexual positions and techniques."

Here is the official description of the movie:

Making love is an art much like painting. Some couples use only primary colors, but when you use an entire palette, your sex life becomes a vibrant and thrilling adventure. Join some of the world's leading experts as they help you become an artful and irresistable lover. Attractive real life couples explicitly demonstrate adventruous new techniques. Discover uninhibited positions that lead to pleasure, satisfaction, and closeness for a lifetime. Learn how sensual massage and erotic talk can enhance your intimacy and sexual pleasure. Watch together and bring your love life to new heights of sexual intensity.

Advanced Sexual Techniques is the first video in our three video Better Sex Series. Volume 1 discusses how to increase your sexual knowledge, increase pleasure, and heighten intimacy. Twelve couples from different ethnic backgrounds take you on an explicit sexual journey that explores sexual positions and techniques.
Topics include:

  • Explanation and demonstration of Kama Sutra sexual positions.
  • Explanation of human sexual anatomy, including the elusive G-spot
  • Erotic massage
  • The four fundamentals of foreplay - oral sex, erotic talk, sensual touch and kissing

It is not known what educational value the showing of the adult film added to the course.

According to our source, the entire class seemed to be in shock that the professor chose to play the explicit film.

After numerous requests, a university spokesperson finally provided the following comment:

The educational video about which you inquired is a 20 minute segment from a longer DVD.  This is an element of a 3-unit, semester-long "Introduction to Human Sexuality" general education course that explores physiological, psychological, social, cultural and developmental considerations for life-long understanding related to sexuality.  It is not a required course. Students who take the course are advised, in advance, that they may find some content objectionable and that they may opt out at their discretion.  Since material is provided in a variety of formats, students have the opportunity to gain course content for assignments and exams without being required to view material they may find objectionable.

The university spokesperson, however, has failed to respond to further questioning from Campus Reform.

This is a DEVELOPING story and will be updated with details as they become available. Continue to check for the latest updates.

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Oliver Darcy

Oliver Darcy


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