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Start an active student publication to develop a successful conservative presence at your college. 

The left has gained control of the administration and culture of most of American higher education, but you can use the resources and networking offered at to fight back at your school.

By 2010, the Leadership Institute, the organization behind, trained students who founded and currently publish 112 conservative newspapers on college campuses.

How do I start a campus publication?

1. Find and contact the regional field coordinator for your state.

Your coordinator will be a valuable resource. He or she can help you identify new writers and contributors for your publication, plan topics and news stories, fundraise to cover your printing costs, and then advise, assist, and support you in increasing the size and prominence of your publication.

joincampus2. Search for your campus subsite on Once you find the site, click "Join Campus" in the upper right hand corner.

3. Once your a campus member, click "Start a Group." You can then create an individual page for your new student publication.


4. Fill out the form with your group's information. This will be used to create your publication's individual profile on Creating a group on will help like-minded students and local activists find out about your plans and support your work.

Later, you can publish stories from your publication on This will be free advertising for your publication, and spread your stories to a nationwide audience of interested, like-minded readers.


5. Request to take a Leadership Institute Student Publications Workshop (by email or phone: 703-247-2000).

The Student Publications Workshop is an intensive four-hour workshop which will give you the tools to start your publication. Training sessions focus on recruiting staff, defining your mission, and fundraising.

Graduates of the Leadership Institute Student Publications Workshops are eligible to apply for the Walter Kandel Balance in Media Grant. The grant helps new publications get off the ground by contributing $750 fo the first issue.

6. Work with your Regional Field Coordinator to begin your publication.

Your coordinator can help you:

  • identify new students interested in joining your publication;
  • generate exciting ideas for news stories and topics to cover;
  • plan for the best way to distribute your publication on campus;
  • fundraise to cover the costs associated with your publication; and
  • apply for the $750 Walter Kandel Balance in Media Grant to cover costs for your first issue.

Campus Leadership Program groups retain their autonomy but gain access to an array of Leadership Institute training and support.

The Campus Leadership Program maintains a correspondent relationship with student groups, but each group remains independent to direct its own day-to-day operations and decision-making. It is not a membership organization, but will offer your group training, grants, scholarships, networking and career opportunities, and a base of support for your work.