UPDATE – UCLA’s university for illegal aliens to shut down following intense media scrutiny

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The University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) announced today that their controversial online National Dream University will be shut down.

As first reported by Campus Reform last month, the program was to be the first of its kind to offer education exclusively for illegal immigrants. It was geared toward California students who qualified under California’s DREAM Act.

The University of California Los Angeles has terminated a controversial online school dedicated exclusively to illegal immigrants.

The program was reportedly shut down because its proponents neglected to establish it through the proper channels. However, in an interview with Fox News, California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks) said the program failed due to its unpopularity.

"I believe the procedural issue gave UCLA an out,” said Donnelly. “But it was public pressure and public scrutiny during such difficult economic times that ultimately turned Dream University into a nightmare for UCLA President and regents.”

As Campus Reform reported earlier, some UCLA students, had been vocal in their opposition to the controversial program.

“I don’t think we should allocate our limited resources to individuals who are here illegally,” Katie Mellon, Vice Chair of the UCLA College Republicans, previously told Campus Reform.

The program was slated to start as a certificate program and later expand to offer its student bachelor’s degrees.

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