[VIDEO] University Professor: Conservatives dislike Obama because he is black

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A prominent university professor delivered a speech last week in which she accused conservatives of disliking President Obama because of his race.

“No one predicted the virulence of this hostility to Obama,” Professor Linda Gordon of New York University said, speaking before a crowd of students. “I believe that much of it is racial and that it is compounded by his rational, considered, intellectual style.”

Linda Gordon, a professor at New York University, recently delivered a speech in which she accused conservatives of disliking President Obama because of his race.”

She added that such hatred is “an aspect of long standing American anti-intellectualism.”

Gordon was also largely critical of the Tea Party movement in her hour-long address, arguing that that they hold “an unrealistic notion of individualism” and “deny the facts.”

In an exclusive interview with Campus Reform, she stood by her comments, adding that there is a “radical, racial dimension to the Tea Party.”

Gordon said she was basing these allegations on statements she had read from the Tea Party, but could not cite any specific statements that had led her to her conclusion.

Gordon’s speech was delivered at the University of California Santa Barbara in a presentation entitled “Contraception at the Tea Party: The Politics of Women’s Health.”

In her remarks, Gordon also stressed that birth control is vital to a successful democracy.

“Birth control is an absolute necessity for heterosexual people to function in the modern world,” she said. “It is a requisite for participation in a democracy while we perpetuate humanity.”

WATCH: Professor says conservatives dislike Obama because of his race

Gordon placed blame on the pro-life movement for creating an environment that has led to violence against those working in the abortion industry.

“They saturated the media with claims that abortionists were murders…. And these resulted in a terrifying wave of terrorist violence against abortion personnel.”

Gordon’s remarks echoed remarks made by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D) last year in which she suggested from the floor of the U.S. House that Republicans were preventing President Obama from raising the debt ceiling because he was black.

At the time that remark was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans.

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Slade Simon
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