[VIDEO] University Professor brands ‘illegal immigrant’ term as ‘racist' and ‘classist’

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The term “illegal immigrant” is “racist and classist” and puts illegal immigrants at risk of “having their [rights] taken away,” a professor of African American Studies at Temple University said while speaking on a roundtable last month.

Professor Niambi Carter made the remarks while appearing as a panelist with the Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Consortium (PRIEC) at Purdue University.

A professor said that the term “illegal immigrant” is both “racist” and “classist” at a roundtable discussion.

Purdue senior Hillary Cherry, a student who said she attended the event for extra credit, told Campus Reform she believes that PRIEC contradicted its own mission statement by hosting a speaker with such partisan views.

According to PRIEC’s mission, the roundtable was advertised to students as a non-partisan event that would welcome “various perspectives, disciplines and methods.”

“Each panel member criticized Romney and the Republican party in general,” said Cherry. “One member even accused Republicans for being the main source of the immigration problem.”

The roundtable was primarily sponsored by Purdue’s Center for Research on Diversity and Inclusion.

WATCH: Professor brands "illegal immigrant" term as "racist" and "classist"

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