Conservative heroes on America's college campuses

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LI’s Campus Reform wishes to highlight conservative students from around the country who have taken a public stance for conservative values and principles.

These students have actively fought to advance free-market ideas, promote traditional values, and/or ensure America has a strong national defense.

To that end, they have either hosted activism events on their campus, started contrarian publications, or exposed a leftist abuse at their school.

Below, you will find an extensive list of students who have advanced conservative principles on their college campus:

Joe Luppino – Esposito, College of William and Marry: Exposed an Attack on Religious Liberty

Wes Siler, University of Virginia: Created Course on American Conservatism

Mike Newbern, Ohio State University: Made National Headlines for ‘Buycotting’ Starbucks to Support Company’s Pro-Gun Policies

Gregory Carlson & Andrew Yoder, University of Colorado – Boulder: Swept the Student Government Elections with Conservative Ticket

Andrew Yogmour, Ohio State University: Ended Unconstitutional Anti-Free Speech ‘Green Zone’ in Ohio State Student Union

Nick Kowalski, Michigan State University: Reversed School’s Decision on Mandatory Health Insurance

Justin Pulliam, Texas A & M University: Stopped Biased Funding Program Favoring Liberal Student Groups; Sued University

Phil Cleary, Gustavus Adolphus College: Exposed Far-Left Agenda of Freshmen Orientation

Jen Rumph, Texas A & M University: Fundraised & Awarded Pro-Life Scholarship for Student Parent

Steven Larson, Winona State University: Exposed Gay Activist Dan Savage Making Radical Statements about FRC President Tony Perkins


@Politillogic - 18 min ago

Well, we are going to Heaven, which is a privilege. But I'll never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! @campusreform @appstate

@danky1465 - 28 min ago

Christian privilege bulletin board shames Christian students via @campusreform where is the Christian "safe zone"?

@2timeslucky - 60 min ago

@CalebBonham @campusreform @mvbarillas Very ominous that such people with a treasonous spirit are employed in higher education!

Charles Bellows
@CTBellows - 1 hour ago

@campusreform @appstate what NEA member got the kids to do that?

Tabitha Lily
@Tabitha__Lily - 4 hours ago

Private college cancels classes because of racist bathroom graffiti via @campusreform

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The five strategies the left uses to silence conservative women on campus via @campusreform

Mary Ashbrook
@ashbrook_mary - 5 hours ago

@campusreform @UNM Great Idea....about time..EVERYONE has had their recognition except those here first.

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