College demands student apologize for asking congressman question

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The president of Concordia College has allegedly demanded a student apologize to Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) after she asked him a question following a university event last week.

Student Kate Engstram, who is also President of the school’s college republicans chapter, approached Peterson and asked him how he felt about losing the endorsement of a pro-life group.

Officials at Concordia College have asked a student to issue an apology to a congressman for asking him a question, following an on-campus event.

Peterson responded saying the endorsement had little value and added that the pro-life group had recently become “extremist.”

The entire exchange was caught on a video uploaded to YouTube and has since stirred controversy.

Now, Engstram tells Campus Reform, that officials from her school, including the university president, are requesting that she issue an apology to the congressman.

According to Engstram, her adviser met with her “to relay a message from the president in which the president asked me to apologize to Congressman Peterson for what happened on campus.”

Concordia University declined to comment on this matter to Campus Reform.

Spokesman Roger Degerman did, however, say that the incident “provides an important learning opportunity for the entire campus community.”

Engstram says she has no plans to issue an apology and was still perplexed as to what she did wrong.

WATCH: Student questions congressman over loss of pro-life endorsement

“I just don’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to ask him a question and why that makes me a bad person,” she said.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to apologize,” Engstram added.

A spokesperson for Congressman Peterson was not immediately made available to Campus Reform for comment.

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Oliver Darcy

Oliver Darcy


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President Obama pushes tax on college savings plans via @campusreform

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