Former leader of Libertarian movement in New Zealand urges students to fight bias in academia

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Libertarian pundit Trevor Loudon encouraged students to directly confront liberal bias on their college campuses, in an interview with Campus Reform on Tuesday

“Do you play the covert resistance fighter, fudge your answers, and attempt to graduate, by slipping under the radar, or do you confront the system head on?” posed Loudon.

“I favor the direct approach… students should band together in pro-liberty groups and collect evidence of bias in the system.”

Loudon is the former leader of the free market, ACT New Zealand political party in New Zealand. He is also the author of the book Barack Obama and The Enemies Within.

In the interview, Loudon also urged students to take conservative activist and Leadership Institute Alumnus James O’Keefe’s lead by using technology to combat such abuse in higher education.  

“Record lectures, biased rantings with your cellphones,” advised Loudon.  “Record their ridiculous ravings for all to see.”

He concluded, arguing that conservative students “can change the culture of American universities” if they are “prepared to make a stand.”

WATCH: Loudon's 'Urgent Message for America'


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