[UPDATE] Students decry 'secret' resolution calling Israel a ‘racist’ nation

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A group of 60 elected student officials signed a letter October condemning the University of California Student Association (UCSA) for a secret resolution it passed which accused the entire country of Israel of ‘racism.’

The letter of protest, sent to the UCSA’s board of directors, said the board’s resolution “violated the rights to representation of a significant portion of its campus.”

The University of California Student Association, the “official voice of UC students” passed a resolution accusing the nation of Israel of “racism.”

David Bocarsly, Student Body President at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) and initiator of the letter told Joint Media News (JNS.org) that the letter was students’ “way of saying that we’re going to fight for communities that feel unsafe on this campus.”

Bocarsly said that the UCSA board’s decision does not reflect the beliefs of most California students.

“When 60 elected officials statewide issue a joint letter in dismay of an action taken by this board, it is clear they acted inappropriate,” he added.

As reported by Campus Reform earlier this month, the UCSA resolution discourages “all institutions of higher learning” to divest from companies doing business with Israel, accuses the country of “illegal occupation” and of “racism and Apartheid.”

The resolution was secretly passed through the council in early October. The planning of the vote was intentionally kept quiet to suppress dissent.

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