Columbia students take issue with abortion coverage

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Morningside Heights, NEW YORK— Columbia University’s recent change in student insurance coverage prompted by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) upset both the CU Democrats and Columbia Right to Life (CRL) last week.

The altered university insurance coverage dropped a supplemental program funded by a mandatory fee that provided special services, including confidential abortion. The CU Dems began protesting the loss of confidential abortion coverage. Members of CRL wondered why they hadn’t been told the fee went to a pool of funds that covered, among other services, abortion.

Columbia blog Bwog broke the news Oct. 12 that the dropped program would mean no more confidential abortion coverage.  The CU Dems posted a statement on their website Oct. 13.

CRL students, meanwhile, were not aware of the abortion coverage in the first place and suspect other students were unknowingly paying for abortions as well.

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