Public college provides assistance to Obama campaign, may have violated election laws

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A public university may have violated election laws hours before polls close on Tuesday by providing official university assistance to President Obama’s re-election efforts.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the College of William & Mary’s Student Diversity Center sent out a tweet from their official account asking students to provide last minute help to President Obama’s campaign.

“If anyone wants to help the Obama Campaign go to 201 Peniman St. Contact the CSD [Center for Student Diversity] for more information,” read the tweet.

A similar tweet was not sent out on behalf of the Romney campaign.

Virginia's Conflict of Interest Act, 2.2.-3100, prohibits public officials from using state resources for political purposes.

“State employees may not campaign for themselves or for anyone else during work hours, nor can they use state equipment or resources for political activities,” reads Virginia's employee handbook for public officials.

The tweet was later deleted after inquiries were made to the university by Campus Reform.

A spokesperson for William & Mary was not immediately made available to Campus Reform for comment.

The tweet, however, is being skewered by the school’s College Republicans chapter.

“The administration should not be sending out partisan messages,” William & Mary College Republicans Chairman Tyler Johnson told Campus Reform.

He added that he was not surprised the university would send out a partisan tweet, branding the school administration’s political ideology as a “one way street.”

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