Professor blames 'conservative extremism' for Romney loss

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Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House because of “conservative extremism,” wrote a prominent professor in an op-ed published in a local paper late Tuesday night.

“The no-compromise stance of Republicans has proven to be sophomoric, counterproductive and undemocratic,” opined Professor Renford Reese of California State University, Pomona.

Professor Renford Reese argued in an op-ed that "conservative extremism" was responsible for Romney's failure to capture the White House Tuesday night.

He added that this “anti-Obama hate has crippled the GOP.”

The professor continued to describe Republicans as an “anti-fervor” party, branding them as “anti-gay, anti-women’s rights, anti-immigration, anti-minority, anti-welfare, anti-health care reform, anti-global warming, anti-unions, and anti-education.”

Reese further argued in his piece that “wooing only the white male is a failing strategy” and that “Republicans will find it even more difficult in the coming years to win the White House and senatorial seats with their current philosophy.”

He contends that if the GOP wants to win elections in the future they will have to become "less hostile to progressive initiatives" and "more inclusive."

Reese has traveled to 66 countries and was the 2009 winner of the Fulbright Scholars Award, according to his faculty bio. He is also author of Hong Kong Nights, a book he wrote while he lectured for the American Studies Program at the University of Hong Kong.

Reese could not be immediately be reached for comment by Campus Reform.

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