[VIDEO] Director at Southern Poverty Law Center tells students parts of Tea Party are filled with ‘racists’

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Parts of the Tea Party group are “filled with racists,” a prominent director from the Southern Poverty Law Center told a group of university students late last month.

Heidi Beirich, the Intelligence Project Director, at the left-leaning organization, made the claim in a speech to students at the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).

SPLC Intelligence Project Director, Heidi Beirich, told students that parts of the Tea Party are “filled with racists.”

A video sent to LI's Campus Reform reveals Beirich making a number of statement's affiliating the Tea Party with racism and violence.

Beirich also suggested Obama's Presidency had pushed many conservatives to engage in acts of violence.

“So there’s that, there’s the populism, the reaction against Obama that has helped drive up the number of hate groups,” she said. “It has fueled this movement, fueled a lot of domestic terrorism... This was about that black man with those liberal policies.”  

Beirich was hosted as part of MTSU’s 21st Annual Tennessee Undergraduate Social Science Symposium for a speech titled “The State of Hate in the United States.”

WATCH: SPLC Intelligence Project Director says parts of Tea Party is 'filled with racists'

The symposium was sponsored and funded by the office of the University Provost; College of Liberal Arts; Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Public History Program; Honors College; Distinguished Lecture Committee; Office of Research; and Forensic Institute for Research and Education.

MTSU is a public university, and it is unclear if public funds were used for the event.  Administrators did not reply to requests for comment from LI’s Campus Reform.

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