Cornell student body rushes through resolution to allow mixed gender dorm rooms

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The Cornell University Student Assembly hastily approved a resolution earlier this semester which could allow upperclassmen to share dormitory rooms with students of the opposite gender.

The resolution was passed with the support of every member of the student body except student Peter Scelfo’s who objected on procedural grounds. He claimed the bill was rushed through without time for adequate debate or consideration.

Cornell's student government rushed through a resolution to allow for mixed gender housing.

“I feel as though the Assembly acted double-quick and should have offered the resolution more debate and discussion to discover issues with and without the execution of the resolution,” Scelfo said.

“I voted with my understanding of the Cornell community and with the best interest of safety, academics and social life in mind,” he added.

The Cornell Insider, a blog run by staff of the official student newspaper, also claims debate time on the legislation was severely limited due to the resolution’s “time sensitive” nature.

If the plan is approved by University President David Skorton, Cornell upperclassmen later this year it would allow upperclassmen to share both dormitory buildings and rooms with students of the opposite gender by February 2013.

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