[VIDEO] Columbia Prof: Grover Norquist aims to destroy US government, claims the no-Tax Pledge is ‘seditious’

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Grover Norquist’s anti-tax organization, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), is out “to destroy the US government,” Columbia University faculty member Dr. Robert Thurman said last Tuesday.

A professor from Columbia University released a YouTube video attacking Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist.

“People taking the oath – the oath that he [Norquist] is administering, is an oath taken with the purpose of destroying the U.S. government,” Thurman contended in a video he posted of himself on YouTube.

He added “people who take that oath cannot actually serve in the government with good conscience, because their real role is to act as a mole to destroy the government.”

Thurman was referring to Norquist’s anti-tax pledge, which is a commitment to oppose attempts to create a net increase in federal taxes. In the current Congress all but 13 Republican members have signed the pledge.

Many Democrats view that pledge as a major roadblock in negotiations over how to reduce the nation’s deficit.

Thurman went on to state the pledge is "seditious” and that its signatories should be banned from public service.

WATCH: Professor says Americans for Tax Reform is out 'to destroy the US government'

The professor further dismissed ATR arguing it is funded by rich Americans trying to shirk their tax responsibilities or by “big money people who are making money by not having?to pay taxes.”

Thurman also said he would like to start internet meme to inform the public about US representatives who sign the tax pledge.

“So, I want the seriousness of this blackmailing of the government that they are doing to be out there in people’s minds. That’s the meme I want to start. I want people to really see that,” said Thurman.

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