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Gringo Suave
@2009superglide - 57 min ago

The instructor is guilty of the "either/or" logical fallacy Hair @SHannitysHair @mrvanceatmc @campusreform @gabriellahope_

@RNRNewMexico - 59 min ago

Student vet with PTSD suspended, labeled threat after requesting to meet with non-Muslim counselor via @campusreform

@SHannitysHair - 1 hour ago

@mrvanceatmc @campusreform @gabriellahope_ so Mr. Instructor of Communication, send a link to your piece disputing this account.

@1GoodShepherd - 3 hours ago

Student veteran suspended as ‘threat’ to peers after request to meet with non-Muslim counselor via @campusreform

Bretton Crosby
@brettoncrosby - 3 hours ago

@mrvanceatmc @campusreform @gabriellahope_ absolutely. Pitiful journalism. Illogical conclusions. Easily checked with a phone call.

Reid Vance
@mrvanceatmc - 3 hours ago

How to not report a story: single-sourced, zero corroboration, dependent on allegation @campusreform @gabriellahope_

Just Us Enterprises
@JustUsEnterpris - 4 hours ago

@campusreform Our campuses are having more and more shelter-in-place orders. We provide Classroom Lockdown Kits.