Prof uses history class to warn of 'life threatening' dangers of global warming

Timothy Dionisopoulos
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Climate change will lead to historic and “life threatening alterations on a scale never before seen in recorded history” a professor at Suffolk County Community College warned in an assignment for a history class this past November.

A professor told his class that global warming will lead to "life threatening alterations."

In the mandatory assignment, given by Professor Norman West for History 103, students were required to read a collection of six biased articles on mankind’s relationship to global warming and write a critical evaluation on the pros and cons of America’s ability to respond to the crisis.

None of the articles provided an alternative or dissident view to challenge belief in global warming.

One of the articles was by former Vice President Al Gore. In it Gore stated the Obama administration was fighting “anti-science Republicans,” and the Republican Party was intentionally “preventing the government from protecting the American people.”

West defended the importance of global warming in history, saying it is the single most important issue for the future.

“Global warming is the probably the single most important issue in our future and I wanted to find a way to apply the course that I teach to that subject,” he said.

West also defended the use of class time to promote his views on the subject saying “98% of scientists” agree with him.

“I think it’s incumbent upon everyone to become aware of what’s going on and in my position as an educator it’s important for me to share that knowledge with my students,” he said.

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Timothy Dionisopoulos

Timothy Dionisopoulos


Tim Dionisopoulos is a reporter for LI's Campus Reform and works as a communications editor in LI’s Campus Leadership Program.

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