As ACORN gets nuttier, media silence is deafening

Campus Reform Reporter

You know it is big news when the media refuses to cover it.

Last month, in a shocking display of journalistic hubris, nearly every major news outlet in America neglected to report on one of the most groundbreaking stories of the year.



Celeste Herget #TGDN
@CelesteHerget - 1 hour ago

Straight student tries to marry straight roommate to protest same-sex marriage via @campusreform

@WickChris - 3 hours ago

@campusreform: Wave an #ISIS flag @UCBerkeley & nobody bats an eye. Wave an Israeli flag & everyone loses their minds

@EbolaOutbreakUS - 3 hours ago

@campusreform Riddle: What can you catch when traveling behind a lawn care truck? Tweet your answer @EbolaOutbreakUS

Chuck Jones
@Earthfire9 - 5 hours ago

18-year-old Republican campaigns out of dorm room, becomes youngest state lawmaker in America via @campusreform

Lone Biker
@mp663001 - 5 hours ago

VIDEO: Students 'occupy' Michigan Regents with Ferguson as inspiration via @campusreform

Howard Roark Laughed
@Major_Skidmark - 5 hours ago

@BrynnaTM @Gibbsdithers @campusreform I agree. She should be repeatedly mugged due to his belief in "privilege".

tf tweeter
@tf_tweets - 5 hours ago

#WTF or sporadic WTF RT Student mugged, says he deserved it because of his 'privilege' via @campusreform

@DavidThomsonOne - 5 hours ago

Student mugged, says he deserved it because of his 'privilege' via @campusreform