As ACORN gets nuttier, media silence is deafening

Campus Reform Reporter

You know it is big news when the media refuses to cover it.

Last month, in a shocking display of journalistic hubris, nearly every major news outlet in America neglected to report on one of the most groundbreaking stories of the year.



Ted Torok
@SlowDownandLove - 2 hours ago

@campusreform Everyone must watch this one.. How easy it is to do the right thing, at the right Time.

Robot J. McCarthy
@RedScareBot - 2 hours ago

Say it ain't so RT @Heated_Rant: @campusreform @COCrowe @MaggieLitCRO here is a fix for you.F#@! you communist.#tcot

Infidel Crusader
@COCrowe - 3 hours ago

.@campusreform She has several choices where speech is restricted.. I would suggest that she takes her pick & move. @MaggieLitCRO

Chelli Miller
@cmiller1225 - 3 hours ago

@campusreform What is your main area/topic of focus?

Jason #WR
@JasonJjw8 - 4 hours ago

@campusreform @CRNC Another totalitarian leftist incapable of any critical thinking.Left good,Right bad. How pathetic and boring.