Professor politicizes Newtown massacre, calls for greater gun control

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Just hours after the deadly assault on Newtown Elementary School on Friday a professor had already turned to Twitter to argue for stricter gun control laws.

A professor who specializes in the sociology of mental health turned to Twitter to demand stricter gun control laws.

“We may never know what ‘clicks,’ but we do know that access to weapons gives people easier ability to maim. #GunControl,” professor Elaine Replogie of the University of Oregon tweeted.

“Another shooting in a school. And still people will argue with me about #guncontrol. #NoComment,” she added.

Replogie specializes in the sociology of mental health and describes herself on her Twitter account as a “mostly liberal veganish” professor.

One of her tweets appeared to mock gun advocates who contend that guns reduce violent crime.

“’Oh but if somebody had a gun…’ #Head-Desk,” Replogie tweeted without further explanation.

Campus Reform was unable to reach Replogie for comment by phone, but she insisted to Campus Reform over Twitter that more stringent gun control legislation “certainty would prevent” many shootings.

The shooting on Friday appeared to be the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history claiming the lives of at least 28 individuals, 20 of whom were children.

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