The top 5 campus abuse stories of Christmas 2012

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Here is a list of Campus Reform’s most outrageous stories of waste, fraud, and abuse on your campuses this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Students at UVA Host Anti-Thanksgiving Potluck

The American Indian Student Union (AISU) at the University of Virginia hosted an “anti-Thanksgiving potluck” on Monday November 19 to “discuss Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective.”

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Two Students Vandalize Menorah At Northeastern University

Two students vandalized a Menorah on display for Chanukkah in the Krentzman Quad at Northeastern University early Friday November 30. Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun denounced the act as “deeply disturbing” in an email to students.

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Piedmont Community College Forbids Use of Word “Christmas” In Tree Sale

In late November, administrators at Western Piedmont Community College (WPCC) told the campus based BEST Society they were not permitted to use the word “Christmas” as part a charitable Tree sale due to the religious connotations of the word.

After receiving negative media attention and legal pressure from the Alliance for Defending Freedom, the Vice President of the college reversed the decision personally apologized for the incident.

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UVA Bans Christmas Tree Display

The Cavalier Daily, reported on Thursday December 6 that University of Virginia administrators ordered students to disassemble a Christmas display set up in their dormitory hallway citing “safety reasons” and the fire code. Students who live in the hall protested the decision by posting a YouTube video imploring the administration to reconsider its decision.

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UC-Berkeley Proposes Campus Ban of Salvation Army Bell Ringers

UC-Berkeley made headlines after the student government passed a resolution in November which attempted to ban Salvation Army bell ringers from campus. Student activists opposed to the resolution held a rally in support of the charity on December 13 where they raised money for the organization and encouraged passerby to sign a petition against the resolution.

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Public university required students to submit sexual history or face disciplinary action via @campusreform