Florida Atlantic prof: GOP ‘worships guns’ has ‘no concern for death of children’

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A professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) took aim at the GOP on Friday accusing Republicans of worshipping guns and turning a blind eye to the death of innocent children.

A professor at Florida Atlantic University said the Republican Party "worships guns" and has "no concern for death of children."

In the sharply worded post, American History Prof. Ronald Feinman also contended the Republican Party is living in an imaginary Revolutionary War era.

“A party that worships guns as if we are on the frontier fighting native Americans and are living in the era of the American Revolution and Civil War is a party in deep denial,” he wrote. Republicans have “no concern about the death of children and adults in all public places imaginable.”

Feinman also dubbed the National Rifle Association's CEO Wayne La Pierre as the nation’s “leading domestic terrorist.”

“What insane ideas, as expressed by Wayne La Pierre, who could be regarded by many as our leading domestic terrorist with his refusal to recognize the need for the banning of assault weapons,” he wrote.

“The NRA is not concerned about our welfare, but only about their profits for the Board of Trustees and officers, and the profits of the gun industry, which should be regarded as the death industry,” he continued.

Feinman’s remarks came on the heels of another incendiary blog post by FAU professor James Tracy that ignited national outrage by its suggestion that the Sandy Hook Massacre was an inside job by the United States government. Prof. Erik Loomis from the University of Rhode Island --- also stirred controversy early in the year by calling for the assassination of La Pierre.

In Friday’s post Feinman additionally bashed the GOP for Christian extremism, sexism, and an adherence to traditional values.

“[A] party which fails to respect women’s rights and dignity, and treats them as second class citizens due to the influence of right wing Christian extremists, is a party on the road to extinction,” wrote Feinman on his blog entitled the The Progressive Professor.

Feinman’s remarks have apparently upset a number of his student who identify as Republicans or conservatives and perceived his post as intolerant.

Feinman is “very liberal and other views are not well respected in the class,” wrote one commenter on the popular college site RateMyProfessor.com.  He “spends a good deal of class time bashing Bush and praising Obama.”

Feinman is a “very opinionated liberal professor who likes to frequently twist and edit history and current events throughout his lectures,” added another commentator.

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