Left-wing student group dubs GOP Florida Gov Rick Scott 'mankind's worst governor'

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Students for a Democratic Society, attacked Gov. Scott after his proposal for differential tuition rates by major.

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) is “one of the worst governors in the history of mankind” a spokesperson for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) told  Campus Reform in a conversation last Monday.

Skye Schmelzer, Lead Organizer for SDS at the University of Florida, made the comment while excoriating Scott for what she called his attempts to “corporatize” higher education by supporting differential tuition based on whether a student is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) major.

Under Scott’s plan, STEM majors would receive lower tuition, while non-STEM majors would pay higher tuition due to the belief that STEM majors contribute more to the state’s economy.

“Apparently liberal arts majors, for example, or education rights majors, they don’t contribute economically to Florida,” Schelmzer told Campus Reform. “[H]igher tuition for non-STEM majors…is bulls--t.”

Schelmzer said she also believes that Scott bought the governorship through corrupt practices as a businessman.

“He was a corrupt business owner, which most business owners are and…he basically bought his governorship instead of truly being elected equally,” she explained.  

SDS is planning a “National Day of Action for Education Rights” on March 14th and Schmelzer’s chapter is considering to protest at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee on that day.


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