U Chicago sex week to include ‘Sex Ed for Kids,’ Star Wars porn, and ‘Anal 101’

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The prestigious University of Chicago is in the midst of hosting a comprehensive sex week that includes controversial events such as a course on sex education for kids, a play entitled “Genitalia the Musical,” and “Anal 101.”

“We'll have a rope-demonstration where you'll find that kink is really focused on consent and communication,” the university advertises.

According to the event’s official webpage, “Sex Ed for Kids” will be run by the Secular Alliance from 5-6pm Sunday and will offer college students advice on how to “teach kids” about sex and “learn yourself.”

“How do we talk about sex and its related concepts of choice, gender, and desire to our kindergarteners?” asks the event’s description posted on sexweekuchicago.com.

The sex week, which began on Monday, is funded by the Dean’s Fund for Student Life and the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC), according to the school’s official student publication, The Chicago Maroon.

Minutes of the SGFC Dec. 4, 2012, meeting – which have since been deleted by SGCF website but were saved by Campus Reform –   indicate that the body allocated $5,048 in student fees for the “educational” event.

Administrators of the Dean’s Fund for Student Life, which is funded with alumni donations, declined to provide the size of its contribution or comment despite an inquiry from Campus Reform.

The event’s webpage encourages students to attend in order to answer burning questions such as “what are the finer points of penetration, oral, or anal sex?” and “how do I tie my partner up safely?”

The event also features a play, “Genitalia the Musical: Star crossed genitals wreak havoc in Pittsburgh.”

A Feb. 13 session, titled “Great Oral Sex: with Tea Time & Sex Chats,” promises a “discussion on going down on men and women”  — including “techniques” — all over tea.

A Feb. 15 session, entitled “Anal 101,” is advertised as a course on the “logistics and pleasures of anal sex.” It will include lessons on “prep, protection, barebacking, etc.”

The how-to sessions continue all the way to the last day with a rope-tying demonstration put on by the Risk-Aware Consensual Kink, which advises those interested in bondage to “bring your own rope, if you can!”

The university is also flying in Axel Braun, the director of more than 400 pornographic films, in from Los Angeles for a Sunday Q-and-A. The school will show one of his films, “Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody.”

Other miscellaneous events include a cold reading of porn scripts by college improv groups and a live demonstration and tutorial on how to take naked pictures. It wraps-up on Sunday evening with fried food and a game of Twister on what the college website calls “the hugest Twister Board ever.”

The event’s website brags their sex week will go “far beyond typical sex education.”

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