Dartmouth to celebrate the vagina with weeklong festivities

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Dartmouth College will host its fifteenth annual V-Week next week — and the V has nothing to do with St. Valentine.

A promotional flyer produced by the school for V-Week.

From Feb. 18 through Feb. 27, the school is putting on a wide range of vagina-themed events under the guidance of the Center for Gender and Student Engagement.

On Feb. 19, for example, the “Vagina Monologue Controversies” will explore whether the Vagina Monologues suffers from a lack of diversity.

The event invites students to “enjoy dinner” as a panel discusses “the representation (or lack of) trans identified, differently abled, international, and other voices” in the “important performance.”

Men are welcome to join in. Feb. 21, will feature a course called “Upstaging Stereotypes: Perspectives and Performances on Men and Masculinities at Dartmouth” in which male students will spend two hours performing stories to “communicate their perspectives of masculinity” to the other students in order to “paint a richer portrait of men and gender.”

Dartmouth College did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this article.

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Dan Gordon
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@nutjob @campusreform Is voting for liberals a requirement to get into this glorified group home?

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Shirley Baldwin
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HILARIOUS! Students think Boehner should resign because of 'Deflategate.' Great work by @CalebBonham, @campusreform https://t.co/IzG7oXfSg4

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@PatDollard @campusreform isn't there an age requirement? 19 yr olds are inexperienced. Not qualified.