Anarchists take responsibility for vandalized frat house at UNC

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An anarchist group has claimed credit for vandalizing a fraternity house at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC), saying it took the action to fight “patriarchal power” and avenge “homophobia.”

An anarchist group has taken credit for vandalizing a frat house at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The group associated with the blog, “War on Society,” alleged in an online statement  they broke the front  windows of the Chi Psi Fraternity House during the early morning hours of January 14.

An official police report filed by the Chapel Hill Police Department confirms that the Chi Psi house was vandalized on that date.

The anarchist group claims they committed the act of vandalism in order to avenge those who have “ever been afraid to walk the streets of this town because of harassment for their body, gender, or sexuality.”

“All fraternities are sites of conscious self-organization for patriarchal power and the homophobia that supports it,” the statement added.

An individual claiming to be associated with the Chi Psi chapter at UNC lashed out at War on Society for the vandalism and criticized the group for unfairly stereotyping his organization.

“To say stereotyping done by fraternities is wrong, and then to stereotype fraternities as a singular monstrous entity, is contradictory, unfounded, and ignorant,” the anonymous individual commented on War on Society’s website.

There have been two more cases of vandalism at another fraternity house since the Chi Psi incident and those still remain unsolved at this time.  Police are no longer investigating these incidents, citing a lack of leads and evidence for them to look into.

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