UNC installing condom dispensers, solicits catchy slogan for condom campaign

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The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) will install ten condom dispensers around campus and wants students to help create a slogan to promote their use.

The University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill will be installing ten condom dispensers on campus.

So far student suggestions include: “Make the right selection, protect your erection” and “wrap it before you tap it.”

Administrators say they are installing the dispensers in an effort to prevent the spread of STDs and unintended pregnancies on the Chapel Hill campus.

The Daily Tar Heel, the official student publication, recently ran an article on the trend of students having sex in the school’s library. It is unclear whether the school library is among the public places where the dispensers are being installed.

Karen Moon, a spokeswoman for UNC, told Campus Reform that the overall cost of each machine will be $1,100 and that they are being funded with student fees.

“The funding sources are the programming budget of a student health office and other student fee-funded organizations,” Moon said.

David Ortiz, editor of UNC’s conservative student publication, The Carolina Review, however, disagreed with the decision calling it an inadequate method for dealing with real issues on campus and encouraging students to engage in more sex.

“We cannot applaud the more widespread distribution of a technology that does not address the whole problem, but merely seeks to alleviate the consequences of libertine sexual ethics,” Ortiz stated.

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