[VIDEO] Anti-racist activist blames Catholic Church for slaughtering American Indians in speech at Catholic University

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Renowned anti-racist activist Tim Wise claimed that the Catholic Church is in part responsible for the slaughter of Native Americans in a speech funded by and hosted at a Catholic university on Wednesday.

Tim Wise told a group of Catholic students the Catholic Church was to blame for the slaughter of Native Americans.

“The Church was directly implicated in slaughtering the indigenous people on this continent,” said Wise, in his speech at Providence College, a catholic university in Providence, Rhode Island.

“The Church was directly implicated in the conquest of the Southwest,” he continued. “It was directly implicated in sending indigenous children to boarding schools to strip them of their culture, to cut their hair, to kill the Indian and save the man for Jesus.”

In the same speech entitled, “Beyond Diversity: Challenging Racism in an Age of Backlash,” Wise argued the church should render images of Jesus Christ as black for one-year in order to help Christians consider the notion that [humans] “are not race.”

“I will consider this notion that we are not race when we decide to make Jesus black for a year,” said Wise. “Just a year.”

WATCH: College speaker tells students the Catholic Church is responsible for slaughtering American Indians

“[W]e made the image of God a white man and it’s on crucifixes at this college,” said Wise, speaking in the question and answer period. “[W]estern Christianity has decided that God looks like my people and first Century Jesus didn’t look like that.”

Wise’s speaking event was co-sponsored by a variety of student groups as well as the Student Multicultural Activities, the Black Studies, Women Studies, Political Science, and Sociology Departments.

Providence College administrators have not responded to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

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