[VIDEO] Law prof arrested and fired after video of altercation goes viral

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A law professor at the University of Oregon has reportedly been fired after a video of him snatching a student’s iPhone and shoving another student went viral on YouTube.

A law professor at the University of Oregon was caught on video in a physical altercation with students.

Extended video of the Thursday incident shows law professor James Olmstead appearing to agree with a group of students’ anti-Israel protest but vocally rejecting the peaceful nature of their protest.

“Start a fucking war... stop being pussies,” he advised the students. “[S]tart a war, get a gun, shoot me first. I’m right here.”

Olmstead then became more aggressive and appeared to imitate an Israeli by occupying the students’ space, shoving students, and demanding they “do something” to remove him.

When he noticed one of the students was recording him, Olmstead snatched the phone from her hands and shoved it in his back pocket where it continued to record the dispute.

WATCH: Law professor shoves students, snatches iPhone

According to a local news report, campus police recovered the phone from Olmstead and returned it to the student who uploaded the video to YouTube.

On Friday, police also reportedly arrested Olmstead on charges of theft and physical harassment.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a “nationally recognized conservation easement attorney” with over twenty-five years of professional legal service.

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