[VIDEO] Grover Norquist says he wants TV cameras in every classroom

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Taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist on Friday said he believes there ought to be television cameras broadcasting live from every classroom in the nation, starting in Kindergarten and continuing through college.

“Its one thing I would argue for on K through 12 [grades], but also in colleges, particularly in state colleges,” Norquist told Campus Reform, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) near Washington D.C. “I think that it makes sense to put a television camera in the back of every state college and university course.”

Norquist said his plan would allow taxpayers to take advantage of the education for which they are paying and raise the level of accountability for teachers and professors.

“The professor would show up on time, the professor would speak more clearly,” he said. “The professor would realize he or she is on camera and just do a better job.”

“Also for people who do silly courses,” he continued.  “I’d like them on TV, on YouTube, so we can have an intelligent conversation.”

WATCH: Norquist advocates putting cameras in every classrooms

In 2012, Campus Reform reported on several courses which raised eyebrows on their respective campus.

For example, The University of Michigan held a course entitled “Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music” and the University of Vermont’s socially Department held a course entitled the “Sociology of Freakishness.”

“I think if the public is paying for it, the public should see it,” Norquist concluded.

Norquist, who is the president of taxpayer advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform, is the author of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is a congressional commitment to oppose attempts to create a net increase in federal taxes.

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Frustrated (AKA - J)
@Gen_Frustration - 52 min ago

@Beylotte @campusreform The exact reason I am happy as hell to be done with college. Liberal zealots running most of them.

@kataisa - 54 min ago

@campusreform @AmericanCRs @AmericanU Because nothing screams "tolerance" more than trying to silence the opposition. @aujusticeleague #tlot

PatriciaStewart TEX
@Beylotte - 55 min ago

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Bee Brown
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@MarkNdrejaj - 1 hour ago

@campusreform the god of ecology is not a demanding god.

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