[VIDEO] Ron Paul: No one ever asked me how to increase youth support

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The Republican Party “certainly” turns young people away former Representative Ron Paul, (R-Texas) told Campus Reform last week.

The former presidential candidate added that no Republican leader has ever asked him for advice on how to appeal to a younger audience.

“I’ve never had a Republican leader come and say, ‘Hey Ron, how do you get support from the young people, what do we have to do?’” he said, speaking Wednesday. “Never asked that question. 

WATCH: Ron Paul says GOP is turning young people away from party

Paul speculates that the Republican Party has little interest in issues that seemed to energized hundreds of thousands of young libertarians and conservatives in the last election  — particularly on foreign policy.

“There are a lot of special interests: the military industrial complex, and this whole concept of neo-conservatism. They do not want to be challenged in the party,” Rep. Paul told Campus Reform on Wednesday.  

The former Congressman spoke with Campus Reform last week after the launch of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC.

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Katherine  Timpf

Katherine Timpf


Katherine Timpf is a columnist at Campus Reform. Previously, Timpf worked as a reporter, web editor, and radio personality at The Washington Times. She was also an anchor for NASA's alternative radio station, Third Rock Radio.

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