[UPDATE] Dartmouth to cancel all Wednesday classes in response student’s protest

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Administrators at Dartmouth College will cancel all classes in the Arts and Sciences on Wednesday in response to a protest held on Friday in which a student-group stormed an official admissions event shouting that the Ivy League school has a major problem with underreported sexism, sexual assaults, and racism.

An email sent out by by the school’s President’s Office at 6:37 p.m. confirmed the rumours of cancellation that had been swirling around the campus for most of the afternoon.

Immediate reaction from students on twitter seemed to be shock that protest which included only a handful of students would result in cancellation of all graduate and undergraduate classes.

“Hurricanes, blizzards?” tweeted @chrstiechrsdays who has a photo of Dartmouth in her Twitter profile. “No big deal...but one protest cancels a whole day of classes?” Tweeted one student. “Okay you're right Dartmouth, that totally makes sense.”

classes being cancelled to teach assholes how to not be total dipshits,” wrote @etclove who includes Dartmouth in her description. “OKAY WHATEVER #DARTMOUTH”

An official student publication, The Dartmouth, reported that administrators came to the decision after more than 20 administrators and faculty met with protesters on Tuesday morning.  

That “open” meeting included Associate Dean of Student Academic Support Services Inge-Lise Ameer, Interim President Carol Folt, and Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson.

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@campusreform How RACIST to demand the most accomplished if of a given race be limited/excluded! So sick of Social Justice morons.

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@frankonfranky @campusreform is that why there are more Palestinians than ever? Israel must be really bad at genocide.

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