[VIDEO] Individuals entering alleged covert NSA facility on university campus refuse to answer questions

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Individuals entering and exiting the heavily guarded Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL) at the University of Maryland refused to answer questions earlier this week on what happens in the mysterious building.

Several security guards, however, let our reporters know they were not welcome around the premises.

"You don't have business here," a security guard told Campus Reform's Katherine Timpf on Wednesday when she tried to ask a question.

WATCH: Officials entering, leaving secretive building at University of Maryland refuse to answer questions 

Another security guard refused to speak with Timpf at all.

"I can't talk to you," he said before closing the door to avoid further questions.

"We can't say anything," one woman said.

Another man who exited the building simply shook his head in response to Timpf's questions, denying that he knew anything — or even that he worked there at all.

According to the Guardian, leaker Edward Snowden, worked as a  "security specialist"in the mysterious facility on UMD’s campus for about one-year in 200

"[H]e got his first job in an NSA facility, working as a security guard for one of the agency's covert facilities at the University of Maryland."

PICTURES: Alleged covert NSA facility on the University of Maryland campus

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