College republicans say they were denied entry into Obama event over ‘security reasons’

Oliver Darcy
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A group of college republicans say they were denied entry into President Obama’s speech at the University of Central Missouri on Wednesday for security reasons.

Missouri College Republicans State Treasurer Courtney Scott told Campus Reform on Thursday that an unidentified police officer told the group they were barred from the event for “security reasons and for the president’s protection.”

“You will not be allowed any further,” the officer allegedly told the group of six College Republicans, dressed in republican and tea party clothing, as they attempted to enter the event.

Scott said each member of the group had a ticket to enter the event and that they arrived early complying with all rules.

“Obama was scheduled to speak at around 4 p.m., so around 3:30 pm we gathered our stuff up,” said Scott. “They had announced that there were to be no posters or anything so we dropped our stuff off. We were not carrying anything. We followed all the rules.”

Scott said the officer’s reasoning for stopping them seemed a bit odd.

“I hate to make allegations but it was just very suspicious that we were not allowed in,” she said.

Scott added that she was disappointed she was unable to hear President Obama speak in person.

“Regardless of one’s political party it would have been a great opportunity to hear from the president. I would never want to turn down that opportunity and am disappointed we didn’t get to see him in person.”

A spokesperson for the university was not available for comment by the time of publication. 

UPDATE 7/26, 1:50 PM EDT:

School spokesman Jeff Murphy released a statement to Campus Reform on Friday morning calling the allegations "unfounded."

"No one who presented a ticket was turned away prior to all doors being locked in accordance with Secret Service procedures," he said.

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Oliver Darcy

Oliver Darcy


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