Infamous ‘porn professor’ cancels ‘Navigating Pornography’ class to enlist in rehab

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Pasadena City College (PCC) Professor Hugo Schwyzer announced on Wednesday he will no longer teach or offer his controversial “Navigating Pornography” course, claiming the criticism he received for offering the class forced him to enter psychological rehab.

Known widely as the “porn professor,” Schwyzer said in an email he is “exhausted by threats and controversy” and “need[s] a break” from teaching.

Schwyzer, who has admitted to having sexual relationships with some of his female students in the past, added that university administrators also pressured him to drop the course.

“There is a very hostile climate at PCC right now, faculty do not get along with administrators, it’s the worst I’ve seen in 20 years,” he reportedly said.

The “Navigating Pornography” course garnered national headlines after Campus Reform reported on a public lecture Schwyzer organized in February with porn star James Deen.

In April, news website BuzzFeed profiled the class and posted a YouTube video in which Schwyzer says it is pornography’s job to “inspire us” sexually.

WATCH: BuzzFeed profiles ‘Navigating Pornography’ class taught by ‘porn professor’

In the same interview he said because government legislators have cut funding for “explicit learning” it “forces the porn industry to become teacher as well as amuser  and arouser.”

The Daily Bulletin also reported that Schwyzer has admitted to struggling with drug addiction and domestic violence.

PCC’s public relations department did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform in time of publication.

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