University bans sexting, one-night stands between professors and students

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UConn bans sexting, one-night stands between faculty and students.

The University of Connecticut (UConn) Board of Trustees on Wednesday unanimously voted to forbid  “amorous, intimate, or sexual contact” between school faculty and students.

UConn bans sexting, one-night stands between faculty and students.

“For the purposes of this policy, ‘Romantic relationships’ are defined as intimate, sexual, and/or any other type of amorous encounter or relationship, whether casual or serious, short-term or long-term," reads an online FAQ explaining the prohibition.

The document goes on to name “hookups,” “sexting,” and “one-time casual encounters” as behaviors which will not longer be tolerated.

Campus Reform reported last month that the new policy was initiated after the school learned that music Prof. Robert Miller, 66, had engaged in sexual conduct with multiple students over decades, going so far as visiting UConn students’ freshman dorms and providing students with drugs.

In an email forwarded to Campus Reform, UConn President Susan Herbst fully supported the new policy.

“In the employment context, romantic relationships between supervisors and their subordinate employees often adversely affect decisions, distort judgment, and undermine workplace morale for all employees, including those not directly engaged in the relationship,” she wrote.  

The new policy governing sexual conduct does not, however, include explicit repercussions for violations, leaving it “at the sole discretion of the relevant dean or vice president.”

Students who were involved in a relationship with faculty prior to enrollment must disclose the relationship before beginning full-time matriculation.

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