NAACP, Dartmouth administrators, to regulate future frat party themes

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The National Association of Colored People (NAACP), Dartmouth College student groups, and administrators are working to implement policies that will prevent students from throwing parties with offensive themes.

Dartmouth is under pressure to regulate Greek life after a fraternity and sorority hosted a controversial "Crips and Bloods" party.

This new effort comes after the school’s Tri Delta sorority and Alpha Delta fraternity faced NAACP backlash for co-hosting a “Crips and Bloods” themed party earlier this summer.

“The Tri-Delt leadership have asked for support from GLOS (Greek Letter Associations and Societies), OPAL (Office of Pluralism and Leadership,) and the NAACP to help them prevent such incidents from taking place again at Dartmouth,” stated OPAL’s official webpage.

Several other student groups, including the Greek Leadership Council (GLC) and the Bias Incident Response Team, have formed a “working group” to push for these policy changes.

“In collaboration with BIRT, the GLC has created a working group to lead these changes,” it stated in an email to students obtained by Campus reform. “Their goal is to implement policy to prevent future offensive event themes.

The email also apologized again for the event, calling it one of “exceptional magnitude.”

Dartmouth College, GLC, OPAL, GLOS and NAACP did not respond to requests for comment by Campus Reform. 

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