Public university solicits explicit details on sexual encounters from strangers with iPhone app

Josiah Ryan
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  • "Reporters" are asked to enter details of their sexual encounters.

Indiana University (IU) has designed an iPhone/Android app which crowd sources its research on sexual performance and habits to complete strangers.

The app asks its users or “reporters” to disgorge graphic details of their sexual encounters within 24 hours of each “event.” It then synthesizes the information into a map revealing who is having sex where, when and how.

"Reporters" are asked to enter details of their sexual encounters.

According to a July 31, 2013, tweet by the  project’s official handle, ‏@KinseyReporter, 3,053 people had downloaded the app. Previous tweets, however, suggest many, or most, of those users are still based in Bloomington, Ind., home of IU.

“So far the news about the re-release of #KinseyReporter has spread mainly locally, so the majority of reports are from Indiana,” tweeted @KinseyReporter on July 5.

Spokeswoman for the Kinsey Institute, Jennifer Brass, told Campus Reform on Friday that the school saved money building the app by partnering with IU's School of Informatics and Computing where students, faculty and researchers collaborated on the project.

Users may also describe the permission level of the experience (consent, forced, unwanted) and the amount of pleasure they derived (pleasure, pain, disappointment, orgasm, lust) and how they managed to orchestrate the “event” by choosing relationship, committed, prostitution or infidelity, among other options.   

The app, available in the iTunes store as “Kinsey Reporter” was a joint project of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction (KI) and the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS).

Fil Menczer, concept and team leader, had not responded to a number of questions submitted by Campus Reform in time for publication.

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Josiah Ryan

Josiah Ryan

Contributing Reporter

Josiah Ryan is a contributing reporter for and former director of communications for LI's Campus Leadership Program. 

Previously Josiah reported on the U.S. Senate for The Hill newspaper in Washington D.C. and was the cofounder of The Floor Action blog, a live-stream on policy, politics, and procedure in the upper chamber.

Josiah served as a reporter for the Jerusalem Post and JPOST TV in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he wrote on religion, culture, and the conflict.

Josiah is 2007 graduate of Hillsdale College. 

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@campusreform @MaggieLitCRO @UNM heck ... if you really want to show your liberal mind ... why not three guys or three women??

Juan Sergio Chao
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