VIDEO: Students say Obama deserves Peace Prize, but can't say why

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Students at the University of California (USC) said that President Obama definitely still deserves his Nobel Peace Prize  — but had a hard time explaining why. 

“I just feel like in general being a good guy, it’s just creating a lot more peace and like, mellow,” said one student, adding, “I love Obama, and I love everything he is doing. I just feel like everyone is so hard on him and it’s only his second year.”

When asked what the difference was between President Obama and President Bush invading the Middle East, that student’s answer was simple: 

“Bush, I just didn’t like him,” she said. “I just don’t.”

Other students explained that some of his initiatives — such as his economic policies and Obamacare — made Americans happy and so led to world peace.

One student said he thought Obama had strengthened diplomatic ties “with countries” but could not explain what he meant.

“Just good-natured intentions,” he said.

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@Reveretoo @campusreform say "ass," it's what we're all thinking.

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@campusreform How 'bout renewal of a Southern Secessionist movement? That'd probably please everybody.

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@campusreform They can bite my southern butt.

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Dean apologizes for wearing Arab garb to campus event via @campusreform

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@campusreform I hope there is an option 4this and not another new thing forced on us like @CommonCore -we need2 keep hands on REAL books

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@iscbs @campusreform or "go screw yourself, your opinion doesn't matter"?

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@campusreform Jefferson Davis says College historians are offensive, must be removed: