College to host nudity week featuring body painting, yoga, and cabaret

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Brown University is set to host a weeklong “nudity” event featuring nude student performances starting next Monday, Campus Reform has learned.

Brown University is set to host a nudity week featuring body painting, yoga, and cabaret.

The event, named “Nudity In the Upspace,” is a weeklong program which is set to feature nude body painting, nude yoga, nude theater, and nude cabaret.

“Love being naked?” asks the event’s official description. “Want to be naked more? Want to watch others perform naked? Want to step out of your comfort zone? Want to talk about nudity?”

The Facebook event page, also indicates that the six-day program will include a clothed event called “Stripping Privilege: Undressing the Isms” on Wednesday which will include discussion on “power, privilege, race, class, gender, ability, and other isms how they intersect with nudity, body image, nudity in relation to (de)sexuality, etc.”

A Friday event called “A Devised Piece of Nudity” will involve students sharing “personal testimonies, movement, reflections, and more nudity.”

The event, which is being held for the second year in a row, does not require students to come in the nude and proclaims itself a “safe space” where they want to “reach out to as many communities at Brown as possible.”

According to the event page, cellphones, cameras, and bags are not allowed during any of the scheduled events.

Brown University did not respond to request for comment by Campus Reform at the time of publication.

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Should America censor some free speech? One @dartmouth student thinks so.

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